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The placeholder motivates users to find their personal answers and dive into the site.

Yes, Send Me New Patterns & Tests


Unfortunately, this promotion is only available for new users.

Write a helpful and descriptive message as to why it’s invalid, thereby helping the user to understand what action they need to take next. It prevents users from abandoning a product altogether.

Where should we send the link?

This form of sentence propels the user to act because humans find it difficult to leave a question unanswered when they can answer it.

Incorrect email or password. All passwords must be 6 characters.

Don’t tell the user tha password is wrong. Say way is wrong (the reason).

To learn more about email, install this extension.

Users want to know why they should do something. What’s in it for them? They typically focus on the beginning of a sentence, so make your instruction worth it by starting with the outcome—in other words, the benefit.

City, airport, hotel name

Defining categories helps reduce the choice range, enabling users to focus on the possibilities, and guiding them on the best way to use the field.

Create new album

Encourage the users to go ahead and create his first album.

To build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


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