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e.g., We are a small organic shop located in Sparta focused on a young cool audience

Provides the type of required information: size, industry, location, and target audience.

Example : Be able to read sheet music and be familiar with music theory terms. A piano is optional

Help instructors describe their course in a very practical way.

Enter your new search here!

You can use it in empty states of search results. Give a direction to the users on what exactly need to do and where.

It’ll be our secret

Use it to make users smile and for sure the password can be kept secret.

Such as “Thank you for your business”

You can use it to remind that a business note can also be personal.

Show them that you’re the best person for this job. Go ahead and brag about your skills, experience and magic touch.

Make clear the purpose of the cover letter and provide the main topics the users can write about.

What’s happening?

The question that you decide to put as a placeholder on your site, dictates the style of the answer you’ll receive.

What’s on your mind, Vasilis?

You don’t steer thoughts towards something that’s happening outside, but towards something that is happening in users’ own heads.

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