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Example : Be able to read sheet music and be familiar with music theory terms. A piano is optional

Help instructors describe their course in a very practical way.

One time fee charges by host to cover the cost of cleaning their space.

Anwser the most common questions in advance and explain the different elements.

Where should we send the link?

This form of sentence propels the user to act because humans find it difficult to leave a question unanswered when they can answer it.

Select an item

Prefer to write in active voice and make sure to properly connect all the parts of your sentence.

Job title, skills or company

Defining categories helps reduce the choice range, enabling users to focus on the possibilities, and guiding them on the best way to use the field.

Try a new search : Here are a few stellar tips and tricks to help (1)check spelling, (2) watch for spaces, (3) use less specific search terms (you can always narrow your results). Give a whirl below!

You can provide search tips. It’s easy for the users to understand what are they trying to accomplish.

It’ll be our secret

Use it to make users smile and for sure the password can be kept secret.

Please select a payment method.

Use the active structure of the spoken sentence because it focuses on the person you are talking to.

What would you like to design?

Ask your users what they would like to design

Yes, Please!

Use this newsletter CTA to take the path of social proof, and then give users the feeling that by signing up they join an exciting exclusive community.

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