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Encourage the users to buy directly the product(s).

With this gift card you can shop in 25 selected stores

Use it when you want to talk only about your users, what they receive; how they will get rid of their problems and fulfill their dreams.

This is the first time is happens to us, Really!

Using simple words to explains the problem beautifully.

There are chocolate in your bag yet. But our chocolatiers never cease to amaze. The new chocolate collection has arrived in the shop it’s addictive.

You can start a sales pitch, and from there direct the curious users to the shop, while they have the urge to buy.

Incorrect email or password. All passwords must be 6 characters.

Don’t tell the user tha password is wrong. Say way is wrong (the reason).

What do you want to learn?

The placeholder motivates users to find their personal answers and dive into the site.

Success: Your password has been updated. Now, get back in there!


Oops! You need to type your email here.

Write a simple and human message and for each required field, you can provide unique wording.

Unfortunately, this promotion is only available for new users.

Write a helpful and descriptive message as to why it’s invalid, thereby helping the user to understand what action they need to take next. It prevents users from abandoning a product altogether.

Why should take this course?

Use a label to help instructors describe their course in a very practical way.

To build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


Buy your next car with peace of mind

Change the focus of your texts to what users will gain rather than what they need to do to benefit.

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