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Find me the best flight!

Create an effective search box that transfers the weight from the searching to the reason for the search.

Show them that you’re the best person for this job. Go ahead and brag about your skills, experience and magic touch.

Make clear the purpose of the cover letter and provide the main topics the users can write about.

To create a better everyday life for the many people.


There are chocolate in your bag yet. But our chocolatiers never cease to amaze. The new chocolate collection has arrived in the shop it’s addictive.

You can start a sales pitch, and from there direct the curious users to the shop, while they have the urge to buy.

What’s on your mind, Vasilis?

You don’t steer thoughts towards something that’s happening outside, but towards something that is happening in users’ own heads.

Please select a payment method.

Use the active structure of the spoken sentence because it focuses on the person you are talking to.

What knowledge & tools are required?

Help users describe the knowledge and tools in a very practical way.

By telling us more about what you do, we can create better designs for you.

Invite your users to describe their business.

Yes, Please!

Use this newsletter CTA to take the path of social proof, and then give users the feeling that by signing up they join an exciting exclusive community.

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