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Use it when you want to talk only about your users, what they receive; how they will get rid of their problems and fulfill their dreams.

Does the color of the balloons not match the napkins and you need to return them?

Connect the sentence to the subject matter of the site

What would you like to design?

Ask your users what they would like to design

Oops! We couldn’t find any results. Did you farm? Why not change some things around or broaden your search?

You can suggest a correction (did you mean something else?) with a link, gives a search tip (broaden your search), and present some popular projects in case you’re only browsing.

Your order details

Prefer to write in active voice and make sure to properly connect all the parts of your sentence.

e.g. What’s the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Anwser and explain a complex idea.

Your bin is empty. When you delete something we’ll keep it here for 30days, just in case your change your mind.

Create empty states to show exactly in new users how your system works, and how they can make the best out of it.

You don’t have any albums yet. Create albums to organize and share your photos.

If you haven’t created any albums yet, they don’t just say “No Albums”, but rather tell you how albums can help you (organize and share your photos).

To help people around the world plan and have the perfect trip


Check out this tab when you make a post to see Likes, Reblogs, and new followers.

You can use it to tell you when to come back and check. Not what isn’t there, but what will be there.

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